To change students’ perceptions of an MBA, start on day one.

changing an orientation process

To change the reputation of NYU Stern School of Business as a Wall Street feeder school, we created a new digital orientation experience that gave incoming MBA students a new and aspirational way of thinking about their potential as future Stern graduates.

  • Campaign theme
  • Customer journey
  • Website
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Event experience
  • Video
  • Presentations

an onboarding and orientation theme

showed that NYU Stern was a place to explore options, not narrow them

modernized launch communications

used a digital format and eliminated the inefficiencies of printing

how it worked

“We were all blown away by the team’s work and what you were able to deliver. You have lots of fans at Stern!”

– Jamie Tobias, Executive Director, NYU Stern School of Business


increase in consulting offers


Stern students loved the work so much, they came to work at Sullivan